The metaverse: Where we are and where we’re headed

The coming metaverse has provoked hype, confusion, and misinformation. For technophiles, the metaverse represents a nirvana: a place to immerse yourself in any digital surrounding, and participate in any physical reality, at any time – and also to be…

Goldman Sachs Sees the Metaverse as $8 Trillion Opportunity

Global investment bank Goldman Sachs has predicted that the metaverse could be an $8 trillion opportunity. Several others have similarly predicted that the metaverse is a multitrillion-dollar market….

How emerging tech will influence freedom, industry, and money in the metaverse

Innovation related to the metaverse has brought with it some expected criticism and skepticism. Like any fast-growing, emerging technology, the parameters for its operation have yet to be fully established….

ONE Sotheby’s Is Selling The First Real-World Home Through The Metaverse Using NFT Technology

Some might argue that 2022 is the year of the metaverse, and specifically, metaverse real estate….

What’s a Metaverse, and Why is One Having a Fashion Show?

The blockchain-based metaverse Decentraland is having a fashion show. A real — well, “real” — one, with models, catwalks and even afterparties….

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Property in the Metaverse

Investing is a huge give and take between risk and potential reward, but sometimes it feels a little bit more like gambling, especially when you’re reaching into new and uncharted territory. Take, for example, the metaverse. Virtual real estate…

How Megabanks Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Are Talking About the Metaverse

Morgan Stanley, the Wall Street giant that manages $6.4 trillion in assets, said the metaverse will be “the next big investment theme” in a note to clients last month. On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs then described blockchain as being key…

Why the ‘metaverse’ represents a revolution in advertising

The “metaverse” is the next great revolution in computing. This concept of the future of the internet promises to bring the physical world together with new technologies that are only starting to transform the way people interact with one…

The Amazing Things You’ll Do in the ‘Metaverse’ and What It Will Take to Get There

Tech visionaries foresee a vast, immersive world that mirrors and extends the real one, allowing people to do and be what previously could only be imagined…

“Going Outside is Highly Overrated”: Metaverse Primer

Welcome to the Metaverse. We take a look at what it is – why it’s not here – how itwill eventually be everywhere – and who is best positioned to benefit. We believe theaccumulation of technology in the video…
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